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Mashona Bread/Butter Plate 7"

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Product Details
UPC: 134ms
Brand: PENZO

Each Piece Is a One-of-a-kind, Hand Painted Work of Functional Art whereby No Two Pieces Are Exactly the Same.

Purchasing an original PENZO is a joyous declaration of Africa, its people and its character.

This product is microwave and dishwasher safe and oven-friendly (meaning do not use a pre-heated oven).

Original PENZO products are FDA approved and PENZO has been issued with several Social Compliance Certificates.

PENZO can only guarantee the integrity of our production process as well as the food-safety of our products if a "PENZO"-logo is present underneath your product. Be aware of imitations and companies that do not respect fair labor practices. When you are in doubt, you can contact us on or call us on (248) 723-0802 (USA) or in The Netherlands +31 6 12900881.

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